About Us - Pets Patisserie Treats and Cakes for your pets


Welcome pet lovers to the Pets Patisserie.

My name is Helen and I have been searching the internet for different treats and cakes for my dogs and found that there are only a few pet bakeries in the UK.

So I decided to become Pets Patisserie and sell these products from one site selling treats and cakes for your pets.

I will be selling a wide range of special and healthy treats for you to try with your pets.

I hope you like my page and enjoy these treats like I have with my dogs.

This is Woody he is a 4 year old chocolate Labrador and came to live with us in February 2015.   He had a very bad start in life but he now knows which side his bread is buttered or should I say where the treat tin is located.


This is Muttley he is also 4 years old and he is Woody’s best mate.  He has a big personality with an even bigger appetite.